NEET is conducted for admissions in govt. and private colleges for undergraduate medical programs like MBBS,BDS, AYUSH(BAMS,BUMS, BHMS, etc.)

If you are a procrastinator who leaves things for the very end, this is THE article for you. NEET is a dream for many students but only a few manage to crack it. This exam is conducted for admissions in govt. and private colleges for undergraduate medical programs like MBBS, Dental(BDS), and AYUSH(BAMS,BUMS, BHMS,etc). In this article, I will mention some great strategies that will help you immensely in your exam prep.



You only have a month left! Don’t overcomplicate things and try to keep your resources limited. You won’t be able able to study NCERTs, Coaching Material, and supplementary books in just a month, so focus on the core subjects that the NCERT easily covers. This will avoid confusion and you will be much more relaxed as you won’t have heaps of books to read in such a short span of time.

2) Set A Time Table –

Since you don’t have much time, it is very important to utilize effectively the time that you do have. Prepare a proper study routine that you can follow regularly. Give enough time to every subject and prioritize important topics.

3)Use effective study techniques-

Don’t just hover over your books without putting anything in your brain. Always remember that the quality of studies is so much more important than the quantity studied. Use study techniques like active recall and flashcards to make your studies effective. To learn more about effective study techniques click here

4)Eat Healthily-

Make sure you are eating healthy. You cannot compromise your studies one bit especially when you are in a time crunch. Avoid junk food and eat home-cooked meals only. You can do that for a month, right?

5) Get Enough Sleep-

Do not compromise your sleep just because you are lagging behind. This will not help you at all and will instead give you anxiety and huge dark circles. Take at sleep 7 hours of sleep. The rest of the day is more than enough for studies.

6) Take help and guidance-

Do get help and guidance whenever you feel stuck. If you have any doubts, you can use the doubt buddy app to get them cleared instantly. Doubtbuddy is one of the best doubt-solving apps that cater to every need of students and connects them with the best tutors.

7) See Previous Year’s question papers-

Take a look at the previous year’s question paper and observe what type of questions are being asked and what topic is being asked repeatedly. This will give you an idea about what might be asked in the exam and then you can study accordingly. Prioritize important topics that are most likely to be asked in the exam.

8) Practice Diagrams-

Diagrams are very important, especially for Biology. Make sure you practice diagrams properly as can help you increase your marks and make your answers look more appealing to the examiner.

9) Learn all the formulas and equations-

For physics and chemistry, formulas and equations are a must. They are an integral part of the subjects and will help you immensely in your preparation as most of the questions are based on the. You will have to use formulas in some of the other questions, so keeping them in mind would be of great help.

10) Give Mock Tests-

Give mock tests to see where you stand in your preparation. Mock tests will not only give you an idea about how much you know but will also let you know about the areas in which you are lacking. Solving mock tests will also help you practice and will boost your confidence as well.

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