Here we have mentioned some of the best tips that you should consider if you want to prepare for the JEE exam in just 3 months

3 months is not a long time, and the syllabus of JEE makes it even more difficult for you to crack the exam. But with the right strategy, dedication, and planning, you can definitely do it.

Every day, you must study for 10 to 12 hours, you’ll be studying for your CBSE/ICSE/State exams at the same time because they’ll all be held the same year. Make the best use of your time by dividing it between JEE and boards. There is no need to devote extra time to board preparation because 80 percent is sufficient.

Here we have mentioned some of the best tips that you should consider if you want to prepare for the JEE exam in just 3 months-

Revise every day. Make time for review as part of your JEE preparation strategy. Don’t put off your review time because you’re studying for a new exam. Make a list of ideas for revision. It is easier and more practical to revise homemade notes in your own style and method than it is to revise from weighty books and coaching modules.

Read The NCERTs-

NCERTs are very important when you are preparing for the JEE exam. Most of the questions are asked from the NCERTs and it covers almost all the syllabus of JEE mains. For JEE Mains, NCERT would be sufficient. For JEE Advanced, however, consider reference books.

Know The Exam-

Make sure you’re conversant with the exam structure. Read the previous year’s papers to learn about the most important and frequently asked questions. Find out how much each topic weighs. Do not overlook topics from class 11 because 40 percent of the content in the JEE exam is drawn from 11th-grade textbooks.

Create A Time-Table-

You should keep to the book and stick to a schedule because you only have three months to study. A schedule not only aids in the establishment of short and long-term objectives but also pushes you to complete a given task. Make a schedule that gives each subject ample time while also providing for enough rest.

Give Mock Exams-

From the start, students must cultivate the habit of taking mock tests. You can focus on completing section-by-section mock assessments rather than full-length evaluations at the start of the three-month timeframe. It will help you to keep track of your exam preparation at each level.

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