In this article we have stated some of the most effective and scientifically backed up study techniques that will help you in your studies

In this article we have stated some of the most effective and scientifically backed up study techniques that will help you in your studies

A lot of students try very hard in their studies but are still unable to get good results. A very big reason for this is using study techniques that are unproductive and inefficient. The type of study techniques you can use can highly affect your grades and how well you memorize things. That is why using the right study techniques is so important.

Here are some effective and highly productive study techniques that will help you immensely in your studies:

1- Using flashcards

Flashcards are very effective study tools you can use that help you greatly in your studies. With flashcards, you can write all the important topics in them and then revise them every now and then. This will help you in retaining what you have learned and help in memorization.

2-The Feynman technique

The Feynman technique is another great study technique where you try explaining the concept to yourself in your own words. By explaining things to yourself, you will be able to understand the concept better.

3- Mind mapping

Mind mapping is a great visual learning technique where you organize the concepts in the form of a diagram. You arrange all the important topics in a diagrammatic manner, as a person tends to understand things better in a visual format.

4-Studying before sleeping

Take a look at your notes and study materials before sleeping. Your brain is working even when you are asleep, it organizes and retrieves all the information you have learned that day and processes it. This will help in retaining the information better.

5- keeping your study space organized

Keeping your study space clean and organized affects your studies immensely. A clean study space will make you feel calm and productive. Try to study at a study table and not on your couch or bed as studying in a space that is too comfortable can make you feel sleepy and lazy.

6-The PQ4R method

.The PQ4R method is another great memorization technique. In this method, you first review the content, ask questions to yourself about it, read the content and try taking notes of all the important topics, recite the notes that you have written, and finally review the study material.

7-Spaced repetition

In this method, you study the content again at again over different periods of time. For ex. If you studied a topic today, revise it again tomorrow, then 2days later, then a week later, and so on. Spacing your studies will make you remember things better and will help in memorization

8- Using the Pomodoro method

With this method, you study for a period of time and take breaks in between. For ex. you study for 45 minutes and then take a 15-minute break and so on. With this, you can give some time for your brain to relax and then continue fresh.

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