E-learning has become the new normal as this is the age of online learning. In this article we have stated some effects of technology on education.

E-learning has become the new normal as this is the age of online learning. Covid-19 pandemic has made technology a necessity in the education sector as offline classes are not possible. Every student needs a phone and a stable internet connection to attend their classes. The pandemic has made us realize how necessary technology is in the education sector.

Even before the pandemic, technology was being used in education like the use of computers and projectors to give virtual lectures to students so that they can understand the concepts better. Technology is immensely transforming the education sector.

Here are some ways how technology is affecting the education sector for the better and for the worse

1- Virtual learning is much more interesting than traditional classroom learning. Students understand virtual classes better as it uses interactive graphics and videos that keep the students interested.

2- There are various online platforms that you can use to supplement your studies further. They are easy to use and you can learn at any time. getting you’re doubts cleared is just a click away. Students can use apps like Doubt Buddy to get instant solutions to all their doubts. It is a one-stop solution to all your doubts and connects with the best tutors for more clarification.

3- Not many students are able to go to good schools and universities, but with technology, they can get the same type of education online without paying a hefty tuition fee.

4-With technology there is access to an unlimited amount of information. The Internet is an open library from where you can learn literally anything.

5- Along with many advantages come equal disadvantages. Students can get distracted very easily when they are surrounded by technology every time.

6- If a student stares at a screen for an elongated period of time, it can reduce their cognitive development and reduce their problem-solving skills.

7- There is no direct interaction between a student and a teacher which and hence there is rarely any physical social interaction.

8- Not everyone has access to technologies like mobile and the internet which makes it different for them to learn and get a proper education.

9-Motor development of students is diminishing because they are rarely going out to the outside world. They have become lazy and unproductive.

10- It is much easier for students to cheat in presence of technology as the teacher is not physically present during the exams and monitoring everyone through a screen is near impossible.

Like everything, technology comes with both pros and cons and the education sector is no exception. Students must learn to manage the use of technology properly so that they don’t compromise their studies. Parents should pay attention to their students and make sure they are using technology for good things only.

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