The full form of NCERT is The National Council Of Educational Research and training). It is an autonomous body set up by the government of India in 1961.

The full form of NCERT is The National Council Of Educational Research and training). It is an autonomous set up by the government of India in 1961. Its headquarters are established in New Delhi. The main objective of this body is to unite students through education in a diverse country like India.

The NCERT was formed by merging seven existing government organizations which are as under:

  1. Central Institute of Education
  2. Central Bureau of Textbook Research
  3. Central Bureau of Educational and Vocational Guidance
  4. Directorate of Extension Programmes for Secondary Education
  5. National Institute of Basic Education
  6. National Fundamental Education Centre
  7. National Institute of Audio-Visual Education

Some key features and objectives of NCERT

  • The council focuses on making the curriculam easy and comprehesnible.
  • It aims at creating a stressfree environment for students and focuses on their overall development, making examinations flexible and nurturing them.
  • NCERT has its own textbooks where content is provided in a brief and comprehensive manner. These books are prescribed by the Central Board Of Secondary Education for class 1st to 12th students. NCERT books are adopted my many school boards and is very affordable.
  • A government policy decision waa made in 2017 where NCERT was given the exlusive task of publishing textbooks and CBSE will focus on conducting examinations.
  • NCERT also focuses on research on education related areas,providing supplementary material, journals and collaborating with state educational departments, NGOs and other educational institutions.
  • providing education to every student, providing vocational education, providing value education, taking into account children with special needs and revolutionizing the methods of education are some of the key objectives of the organization.
  • NTSE( National Talent searcch Examination) is conducted and scolarships are provided to students through the examination by NCERT. It also conducts AIES( All India Educational surveys)on a regular basis to gather information related to education sector. NCERT also conducts various programs and exhibitions related to scienece and research.

references taken from the NCERT website

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