Is offline coaching even necessary? All the tips you need to clear JEE without any offline Coaching. Learn how to self study with the best tips.

Many students believe that it is a necessity to go to coaching centres in order to clear the JEE exam. Hubs like KOTA are very popular for their coaching centres and thousands of people go there every year with dreams and aspirations of clearing this prestigious exam and getting into their dream college.


NO! this is the era of internet. Everything is available on the internet and you are just a few clicks away from everything you need to know. Especially during this pandemic, online studies has boomed and people are now realizing the benefits of it. There are various online platforms that you can enroll yourself in and start your preparation from the comfort of your own home. This is much more economical and is easily available even in remote areas. To prepare for JEE you can use the doubtbuddy app. It is the best doubtsolving app that provides instant solutions to all your problems. It also has the best tutors that will guide you throughout your preparation.



Here are some tips that will help you prepare for the JEE exam without offline coaching-

Get all the required resources-

Collect all the resources that you need in order to prepare for the exam. Make sure you keep your resources limited. Don’t overdo it! The source materials must contain the NCERTs as they are the foundation for this exam. You can then refer to other supplementary books to study further.

Clear all your doubts-

Make sure to get all your doubts cleared and get help and guidance whenever required. You can use online platforms like doubtbuddy as I mentioned above for all your doubtsolving.

Finish the syllabus on time-

Try to finish your syllabus early. Don’t keep things for later. The JEE syllabus is very vast and complicated and requires enough time to learn and practice. So maker sure you start your preparation at least a year before the exams. If you are studying for boards and competitive exams at the same time, checkout this article-

Read the syllabus-

Read the syllabus thoroughly and then prepare accordingly. Many students make the mistake of studying everything. Don’t do this! Be selective and study topics that are in the syllabus. This will help reduce unproductive time and you will instead study topics that are important for the exam.

Create a study routine and a timetable-

Do create a study routine that you can follow consistently. making a study routine that is too hard for you to follow will lead to no results and you will give the very next day. Also create a Timetable and assign time to different subjects accordingly. Follow this Timetable daily and make changes in it from time to time if needed.

Solve previous years question papers-

Solve previous years question papers as they will help you practice and you will have an understanding of the pattern and the type of questions asked in the exams. Sometimes questions get repeated, so you might be in luck if you did the previous years questions well.

Give mock tests-

Give as many mock tests as you can. Mock tests will give you an idea about where you are in your preparation and will also help you see where you are lacking so you can work on those areas.

All these tips will definitely help you if you follow them religiously. They are backed by research and are used by many successful students. make sure to follow these and you won’t need offline coaching anymore.

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