What would be alternate career choices besides engineering?

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Many students believe that engineering and medical are the only two careers they can focus on in science. They can never be so wrong. If a student wants to pursue a career in science, there are literally hundreds of great choices. There is one career for every single passion a student can have.

If you are interested in making new materials, material science is the career for you; if you are interested in physics, you have a plethora of choices in front of you. If you feel that no one can make a successful life without engineering, then you are wrong.

Here are a few better choices than engineering:
  • Data Scientist: Data science is being used nowadays in literally every single field out there. Data science means the organizing and analysis of data. Regardless of any field, be it accounting or even data collection services, data science is being used everywhere. It involves using certain algorithms to sort through data to discard those that are not useful and incorporate only those deemed usefully. Data science can be learned by anyone interested in it.
  • Pure/Applied Science: Pure or applied sciences in any subjects like physics, chemistry, mathematics, or biology is a viable option to you. You can choose to learn a plethora of different options in science. You can be a scientist in whatever field you choose to be. It doesn’t necessarily have to engineer. Know that some have not chosen to engineer but are just as or even more successful than engineers.
  • Management: A career in management is open to every single person of all ages. It doesn’t necessarily have to be to those who have specifically chosen commerce as their field. Even you can choose it and be successful.

There are literally a lot of ways in which you can follow your passion. Even if you have not taken computer science as an engineering subject, you can still pursue it in many ways. In this world, the degrees we get are not worth much. What is worth it is what we do with our time and how we use it to enrich our lives and others.

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