Best Way To Crack JEE Within 20 Days-All You Need To Know

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Supposing that you would want to study for JEE Mains and crack it within 20 days. It is possible to get the required marks to pass it within 20 days. Even if you cannot get the rank, you would pass it with less than a month of studying. Here are the basic things which you must know.

  1. You would need to study for 10 hours a day.
  2. You would need to cover more than half the syllabus within 5 days.
  3. You would need to solve the previous 10 years’ questions papers.

So, how are you going to go about it.

  • Make a timetable: A day has 24 hours in it. Be sure to get plenty of sleep every single day. You cannot function on less than 6-7 hours of sleep a day. So, plan out in such a way that you get plenty of sleep every single day. Sleep for a total of 7 hours a day. Then you will be having 17 hours of waking time. Keep aside 3-4 hours for freshening up and eating. 2 hours for breaks. You will be left with 10 whole hours. You have to utilize these 10 hours to study only. Keep small breaks every 1 hour so that you will not get burnt out. If you can manage to study for 10 whole hours every day for 20 days, you can surely crack the JEE Mains. Finish the entire syllabus within 10 days. You would not need to know everything to pass. You would only need to learn and perfect those topics which carry the maximum weightage.  
  • Switch off your phone: Lock your phone in a drawer and keep it away. This will ensure that you will never get distracted by your phone. You have to make all the distractions in a day to 0. This is the only way you can follow your timetable.
  • Eat healthily: Do not stuff yourself with coffee at all times. Eat healthy food. Eat lots of vegetables and fruits. Also, eat almonds and nuts. This will help you out a lot.
  • Practice full-length mock tests: On day 12, start to practice mock tests. This will help you out in familiarizing yourself with the exam conditions. You will be able to know how the questions will come and prepare yourself accordingly.
  • Solve the previous year’s question papers: Solve the previous 10 years’ questions papes and analyze them thoroughly. This is the best-ensured way for you to succeed in your preparation.
  • Use the DOUBT BUDDY APP to clarify your doubts. It is a great app available 24*7 even for your night sessions. You will be connected to a professional tutor, and you will be able to get all your doubts clarified.

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Do this and you will be able to crack JEE Main within 20 days.