CBSE Class 12th Board Exams – Latest News. Details here.

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Owing to the present COVID 19 pandemic situation, there have been developments regarding the exams of the CBSE Class 12th board exams. Given below is what Dr. Ramesh, Union Cabinet Minister for Education, has said in his tweet today.

A high-level meeting will be held tomorrow with all the states and Union Territories Education Ministers, Education Secretaries and Chairpersons of State Examination Boards and stakeholders to discuss the proposals for the conduct of Class 12 board exams and entrance examinations for professional courses. The virtual meeting will take place at 11.30 am tomorrow, May 23.

What should you know about this?

The Exam will be conducted at a later date. The department of higher education is taking into consideration the plights of all the families who are affected by the pandemic, but the exams will be conducted at a later stage.

National Council of CBSE Schools requested Education Minister Nishank to hold the Class 12 board examination even if it is delayed due to pandemic situation. The National Council of CBSE Schools made the request on the basis of inference that the Class 12 pass certificate was a key document considered for entry into various higher educational institutions.

Cancelling the CBSE 12th board exams are not an option which is on the table for the Board.

The exam was to be started from the 4th of May, 2021. But due to the ongoing 2nd wave of the COVID-19 pandemic, it was postponed. Stay tuned for further updates.