The National Testing Agency is organizing the JEE (Main) – 2021 in four sessions to support the student body. Two of these sessions have already been completed in February (Session 1: from 23 to 26 February 2021) and March (Session 2: from 16 to 18 March).

However, looking at the present situation of the COVID-19 pandemic and looking into the safety and well-being of the candidates and examination functionaries, JEE- Main April and May exams had been postponed. The rescheduling of these sessions will be done subsequently, and the registration of the May session will be announced at a later stage. In the meantime, candidates are advised to use this time to prepare themselves better for the postponed exams and more.

Postponement of exams acts as a boon for students as they get lot time to read for the exam. Students can use this time to practice and revise their syllabus. They can also take full-length or chapter-wise mock tests to improve their time management and self-confidence and find out their weak and strong areas. They should focus on the multiple revisions and online mock tests to prepare better for the examination.

While the whole nation is under lockdown, there is an urgent need to deal positively with this crisis. The need of the hour is to utilize the extra time productively and plan the preparations in a coherent manner. This phase should be effectively utilized for revision, and hence meticulous planning will have efficient outcomes. It is necessary to keep calm and patient and follow a systematic schedule to ensure adequate preparation.

Time plays a vital role in deciding the position of the aspirant in an exam. This time should be wisely used for revision, maintaining speed, and increasing accuracy to solve a particular problem, identify the weaker areas, and correct them.

It is a fact that preparation for this is not a process to be completed in a month or two rather it is a continuous process of preparation for years together. Few tips and tricks by experts will help such aspirants to strengthen their preparation strategy for achieving success simultaneously in both JEE Main 2 nd phase and JEE Advanced examination.

Smart planning and time management is the key – The foremost essential for succeeding in JEE is a smart revision plan which covers the entire syllabus well in available time. Make the study task table that utilizes the time effectively by dividing the subjects and topics on daily basis to cover revision comfortably. Allocate equal time to each subject such that due attention is paid to each topic. Discipline is the key to follow the timetable meticulously.

Finally, it is the relative performance that will matter on the exam day. So, put in your best performance, and you will ace JEE Main 2021.

Stay healthy and stay Safe.