Vocabulary – It’s Importance And How Do You Improve It

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Reading and studying isn’t the gist of your entire curriculum. When you are enrolled in school or college, you can learn the concepts and learn life skills. Yes, in India, more emphasis will be given on the knowledge aspects, but that shouldn’t deter students from learning other skills. One of the most important things a student must learn is vocabulary. It may not seem important in the big scheme of things, but you can think about vocabulary as the cement keeping a wall together. Unfortunately, the importance of vocabulary is many times overlooked.

Students feel that since they would learn science concepts, they tend to ignore learning vocabulary. This can be considered a mistake. Knowing knowledge without having a way of expressing it completely and easily would be a waste. This is why many people who do not know the science but have a strong grip on their English speaking and writing skills would be more effective at communicating and expressing their thoughts.

As Science students, you learn a lot about the world and the universe. About how it works and functions. Knowing formulas is one thing and knowing a way to express it in the plainest language is another. Learning vocabulary and writing skills may not seem that important as of right now. But rest assured, when you are completely in a field where extensive research is being done, you would have to write research articles, explain them to a panel, and publish them. Knowing will only take you so far in life. You have to compliment them with other life skills.

Speaking and writing constitute these two main things that can complement and make you stand out. So, for improving your vocabulary, what are the things that you must be doing?

  1. Start by reading newspapers daily. Yes, reading newspapers does help a lot not only in improving your knowledge of general affairs but you also subconsciously get the hang of their writing styles, and you tend to incorporate them. Newspapers generally use a mixture of active and passive voice to give a feel and depth to the article they have written. Without actually thinking about it, your mind will be swayed by the writing. That is the type of writing you need to aspire to be. In addition, they incorporate many new words and jargon. Note down the words you have never seen and learn their meaning.
  2. Start reading novels: One of the best ways to improve your vocabulary, your imagination skills, and your perspective. Not only this, but it also will build a great habit of reading books. You can enjoy it and learn new things.
  3. Watch movies: Yes, it may seem a little unorthodox for me to be advising you to watch movies. But for some visual learners tend to focus more on the visual aspects and learn through seeing and hearing. So if you are a visual learner, then this would be a good thing.

These are just some of the few methods to improve your vocabulary. Unfortunately, there are so many words in English that you can never learn each one of them, but nothing is to stop you from trying.

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