IIT Bombay is a dream college for many students. It has taken over other IITs such as IIT Delhi and IIT Madras. Here are a few reasons why

IIT Bombay is a dream college for many students. It has taken over other IITs such as IIT Delhi and IIT Madras. IIT(Indian Institute Of Technology)s are considered the top engineering college in India. Students give the difficult and challenging JEE exam to get into IITs. Only a few thousand students can secure seats in IITs and even less in Bombay or Delhi IITs. Over the years, the data shows the preference of IIT Bombay by students over other IITs. Here are some of the most common reasons why-


When we talk about placements, IIT Bombay has some of the highest placement rates with the highest domestic CTC being about 64 lakhs. The average domestic CTC is 16 lakhs. The highest international packages range from about 1.4 crores per annum to 1.6 crores per annum.

The placement rate is also quite high, in B.Tech and M.Tech being 91% and 87% respectively. Tech giants like GOOGLE and Microsoft come here for placements. This is one of the primary reasons that make IIT Bombay the no.1 choice for toppers.


The campus is majorly ragging-free. The seniors are friendly and helpful and there is no mam/sir culture here. This can be a significant factor for students as engineering colleges have the highest ragging and student suicide rates.


There are various incubators like Society for innovation and Entrepreneurship and technology business incubators, that have led to major startups and great names in the entrepreneurial world. Billion Dollar worth startups have come out of this college.


Many students must have heard about the great alumni of IIT BOMBAY. Some big names who graduated from this college are-

Beautiful Campus-

IIT Bombay is located at such an excellent location. The place where it is located has beaches, It is surrounded by two lakes, and is a Bollywood hub. There are so many amazing and fun places to visit and your college life would be magical.



The campus is located in a metropolitan city and hence has the best urban and modern infrastructure. Mumbai being the economic hub, many students work in Bombay itself after graduating.

Faculty and wide range of courses-

The campus being in a metropolitan city led to many faculty members preferring IIT Bombay. The college also offers a wide variety of courses that you can choose from just like a buffet. There are strong undergraduate and postgraduate courses that are designed according to the market demand and that will be most beneficial for students.

Extracurricular and cultural activities-

The college conducts its annual fest called MOOD Indigo which is one of the largest in Asia. fascinating, isn’t it? there are many other cultural and extracurricular activities conducted throughout the year. This makes it the dream college for many students.

Getting into this college takes immense hard work and dedication. Toppers have put in their sweat and tears to clear such a difficult exam. A few of this years IIT Toppers who want to go to IIT Bombay-

  • Rank 1 in JEE advanced- Mridul Aggarwal( wants to pursue CS From IIT DELHI)
  • Rank 2 JEE advanced- Dhananjay Raman

Similarly, 9 out of 10 toppers want to go to IIT Bombay.

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