If you are a JEE aspirant and are in a time crunch, then this article is for you. Here I have mentioned the complete 1-month strategy for clearing the JEE exam.

JEE(Joint Entrance Examination) is conducted every year for admissions in top engineering colleges in India. Every year lakhs of students appear for this exam. If you are a JEE aspirant and are in a time crunch, then this article is for you. Here I have mentioned the complete 1-month strategy for clearing the JEE exam.

Can I Clear This Exam In 1 Month?

To be very realistic, it will be very difficult for you to prepare for this exam in just a month if you are starting from scratch. Make sure you give this exam at least a year of preparation due to its vast and difficult syllabus. Giving a head start to the preparation will help you a lot and will increase your chances of clearing the exam. But, if you have no idea about the syllabus and haven’t started the preparation yet, you will have to work super hard but your chances of succeeding will still be low. Here I have mentioned a 1-month strategy that you can use before the exam to increase your chances of clearing this exam and even scoring high.


1.Revise your NCERTs-

NCERTs are your foundation and are a must-read if you are appearing for the JEE exam. Make sure to revise your NCERTs properly and you must have an in-depth understanding of every subject. NCERTs are mandatory to read if you want to appear for this exam. They cover all the basic topics that you need to know to build a solid foundation.

2. Practice formulas and equations-

Formulas and equations must be learned by heart as these are applied in most of the questions. If you have not learned the formulas and equations, you won’t be able to solve questions.

3. Solve previous years question papers-

Solving previous year’s question papers will help you practice and will give an idea as to the pattern and what type of questions are asked in the exam. Many times questions get repeated, so if you are in luck you might get a question that was asked in previous year’s exams.

4. Give Mock tests-

Give as many mock tests as you can. Mock tests will help you practice and will also give you an idea about where you stand in your preparation. you will also get to know about the areas where you are lacking and then you can work accordingly.

5. Clear your doubts-

There is only a month left to the exam, so make sure you don’t have any doubts left. Get them cleared using the DoubtBuddy app. Doubtbuddy is one of the best doubt-solving apps in the market that provides instant solutions to all your problems. It caters to students who are preparing for competitive exams like NEET, JEE, etc., and has some of the best tutors to guide you through your preparation.

6. Don’t stress-

The one month before the exam can be very stressful, but make sure to keep your anxiety low by meditating and relaxing. Be confident in yourself and don’t overcomplicate things. This will lead to more confusion and you will forget what you already know.

Don’t stress

The above-mentioned strategy is foolproof and is used and trusted by many students. Make sure to follow it and you will do well in your exam.

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