On November 1st very anticipated NEET 2021 results were declared by NTA. The top 3 scorers all secured 720/720 marks. Mrinal Kutteri, bagged AIR 1.

On November 1st very anticipated NEET 2021 results were declared by NTA. The top 3 scorers all secured 720/720 marks. In 2020, Soyeb Aftab and Akaknksha scored full marks. Akanksha’s strategy was something like this- She began her preparation after 10th. She also added that the key to success is to keep a calm mind despite all the problems. She took the delay in the exam as an opportunity and used it to her advantage.


1- Mrinal Kutteri(AIR 1 )

Mrinal Kutteri, a boy who hails from Hyderabad bagged AIR 1. Unlike other toppers, Mrinal’s story is a little different. He didn’t stick to the traditional ways of studying and gave enough time to fun and games. In an interview, he mentioned how he didn’t cut off his hobbies and studied when he felt the most productive. He took breaks in between his studies and kept himself motivated when he felt low. He also enjoyed watching shows on Netflix and Amazon Prime. This is something unlikely to hear from an AIR 1. He is breaking all the stereotypes and has become a role model for students.


2- Tanmay Gupta (AIR 1)

Tanmay Gupta scored 720/720 in the NEET 2021 exams getting AIR 2. Tanmay comes from a family of Doctors and lives in Jammu. He is ready to pursue MBBS from the prestigious AIIMS. Tanmay focused on revising concepts daily, did NCERTs, and gave multiple mock tests. He also used Aakash’s study materials.


3-Nikhar Bansal(AIR 5)

Nikhar Bansal also comes from a family of doctors and has scored 715/720 bagging AIR 2. Nikhar said that NCERT is the key! He studied NCERTs properly. Biology and Physics were his fav. subjects and the main strategy he followed was to stick to the right answer to a question.


4. Hrutul Chhag( AIR 5)

Hrutul Chhag Hails from Kodinar in Gujarat’s Gir Somnath. He secured 715/720 in NEET 2021 bagging AIR 5. Chhag mentioned that he was very disciplined in his preparation. He assessed his work daily. he also mentioned that the pandemic made the studies difficult as he was not able to go for offline coaching but he later resorted to self-study.


5. Aman Kumar Tripathi( AIR 4)

Aman Kumar Tripathi is from Uttar Pradesh, he scored 716/720 bagging AIR 4. He mentioned that he did not really have a schedule for his preparation, he used to set daily tasks and made sure to finish them no matter what.


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