KVPY – What is the Best Preparation Strategy?

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The KVPY exam is very similar to the JEE Advanced type questions, where it involves multiple concepts incorporated into a single question. This will seem tricky. This is why you must be careful when you are solving the KVPY Questions. This blog will give you an overview of how you should prepare and how I had prepared.

  • Familiarise yourself with the syllabus. If you are taking the SA Stream, you have to study 4 subjects: physics, chemistry, mathematics, and Biology. From the experiences of many students, the SA Stream is a tiny bit easier than the SX/SB Streams. For the latter, you will have to study only 3 out of the 4 subjects. Therefore, I would suggest that you attempt physics, chemistry, and biology for Part I and then physics, biology, chemistry, and biology in part II. Many students say that biology is the easiest part of the KVPY aptitude test, and it is a scoring subject.
  • Gather material: The books for KVPY are more or less the same for the JEE Advanced exam. If you are preparing for the JEE Advanced exam, then KVPY would also be a cakewalk for you (provided you are studying very hard). There will only be a few differences between the KVPY aptitude exam and JEE Advanced. The books you would need are given here. It is the same as that for JEE Advanced.  
  • Refer to Previous Years’ Question papers: A very important often preparing for the KVPY exist will lead you to condition yourself for the KVPY exam. 12 years’ worth of question papers is available on the official website. Practice these question papers, and you will be halfway done with your preparation. Not only practicing them but also analyzing them after you finish answering them.
  • TimeTable: KVPY needs a lot of work to be cracked. It is in no way easy. Only a handful of students will be selected for the fellowship, and the competition is extremely high. Remember that you would be competing with the top rankers of JEE Advanced for the fellowship. People who are undergoing extreme preparation usually take the KVPY exam as a measure of their abilities. So, you also have to be in that top percentage of students. Study hard and smart. Create an effective timetable and stick to it. You should spend at least 4-5 hours a day studying hard for this exam.
My personal Take:

I attempted the KVPY Aptitude test in the year 2018. I had prepared for it using only the JEE Advanced books and the previous year’s question papers. The exam was really tough. The mathematics section was horrible. I couldn’t solve a lot of questions in that. I had not taken biology, so I had to solve mathematics. So to you, start your preparation from now, and you will surely crack the exam.

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