Books for IIT-JEE preparation

Let me start by saying that no aspirant should ape every single move of someone they consider to be successful. Find out what works best for you, make mistakes, and learn from them. Trust me, that’s a process you’ll learn to love over time.

Also, it is imperative to say that you should solve your coaching’s study material religiously and repeatedly. There’s no point in trying to go for every coaching module; they are mostly similar.

However, here is a basic outline, which you can further customize as per your need.

Well, every JEE aspirant has his/her strategy while preparing for JEE since JEE now has become very much of a strategy game only. Coming to my way of studying for the JEE, it looks like this :


1) MS Chauhan for organic 

2) P Bahadur for physical 

3) JD Lee for inorganic



2) IE Irodov


3) Arihant 40 years question bank 


1) Cengage Calculus 

2) TMH 



This is all about books that I used apart from coaching material.

 Do not jump like a frog from books to books.

The number of Mocks you give, The study hours you put in, None of the above mentioned occupying a major part in the JEE. 

Those 6 hours of the test is what really counts and if you want to make the best out of those 6 hours spent the time till that instant wisely…

Above all,

Knowledge is knowing the fact that tomato is a fruit,

Wisdom, on the other hand, is not putting it into a fruit salad


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