JEE Mains – How To Manage Mental Health While Preparing?

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Mental stress is something that everyone experiences. However, we need to recognize it and take action against it. Mental stress is the leading cause of anxiety and fear. It will also lead to a lot of other mental health issues, mainly involving depression. Depression is something that you must never ignore. Here is how I coped with mental stress and maintained my mental health while studying for JEE Mains.

It was tough studying for the Mains exam. In my 11th grade, I was under the impression that I can easily get less than 100 AIR. This overconfidence in myself led me not to study properly. I ignored JEE Mains for months. I was living my life to the fullest. Then, the realization hit me in my 12th grade that I must study for JEE and before that for KVPY. To know more about KVPY, click here.

Even though I had bought the best books which should be used, I still failed to follow a basic plan. I used to study for only an hour a day. The gravity of the situation hit me only when I took a KVPY mock test and scored really less. After that, I started to get a bit more serious. In the end, I couldn’t perform well in the KVPY exam. It was my lack of preparation that led me to this point.

I was devastated after the exam. I regretted not having to study over the past few months. I regretted not having a companion or an app help me out. There were a lot of regrets in my mind. The exam completely demotivated me. I couldn’t perform well in the pre-board exams as well. I was facing severe anxiety and fear of MCQs. However, I did get out of it, and now I am working at my peak. I told myself every day that it doesn’t matter. What has happened was in the past. You should learn from your mistakes and move on. Focusing on past mistakes will only waste time. Now, I have realized my mistakes and am working at my peak

Here are a few tips to cope:
  • Know that all hope is not lost. It doesn’t matter if you win or lose. The important thing is that you tried. That’s what I told myself every single day. Giving it your best despite everything was the right thing to do. You have to strengthen your mind against all the negative thoughts.
  • Talk to a friend. Talking to a friend will generally help you out a lot. In addition, they will give you words of advice. This will keep you calm and cool your nerves.
  • Know that not all who crack these exams are successful and those who don’t qualify are also successful. IIT and others are not the only places where you can do your education to be successful.
  • Keep in mind that it doesn’t matter what you do as long as you are happy where you are. Fame, money, and such will not give anyone happiness. But, if you are happy where ever you are, that is life worth living.
  • If you feel that your mental health is on the verge of collapse, consult a professional therapist before it’s too late.

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