JEE Mains Approaching. Best recommended ways to study now!

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JEE Mains exam may have been postponed to a later date, but that doesn’t mean that you halt your preparation. From the news which has been given, both the may and April sessions are postponed. To know more about that, click here.

Regardless, this only means that you, a student, will have extra time to study and perfect yourself even further. So use this time wisely, and surely, your ranks will shoot up.

Make an Appropriate Timetable:

Without a proper timetable, nothing is possible. From the top businessmen to even the laborers have to keep to time to do their job. It is all similar to you as well. Keep a timetable. JEE Mains preparation now must start from the moment you wake up till the moment you sleep. Micromanage each minute that you have and always have a watch or a time-keeping device at hand so that you will know what time it is with a turn of your head.

After making the timetable, stick to it. No matter how hard or boring it may seem, do not back down once you have committed to it. Stick to the timetable, and you will succeed in your endeavors.

Do not distract yourself.

Keep as far away from distractions as you can. Yes, this lockdown is tough on all of us. We may have lost loved ones, lost jobs, lost sources of income. That is the reality of the situation and all the more reason why you should focus harder on your task at hand. Do not distract yourself by small or larger things like notifications or such. Keep your phone away from your reach. To know more about how to keep yourself focused, click here.

Practice loads of mock tests:

Practicing mock tests will only ensure that you will be familiarised with the system of the examination. You will be conditioned to it. You will have a clear idea of the time you need to keep, the amount of work you need to put in for each section, and so on.

Analyze the solutions.

Since it is the final stretch before the finish line, you have to brush up on your skills and analyze the solutions for the questions you are solving. This way, you will be on track with the concepts at hand.

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