How to avoid distractions during JEE Mains Preparation? My Personal Take

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Distractions are commonplace during your preparations for JEE Mains or NEET or any other competitive exams. Everyone gets distractions thrown their way continuously in some form. But only a few know how to manage themselves and keep away from distractions correctly. So here are my 2 cents on how I managed to avoid distractions during my JEE Mains Preparation.

No Phone till I finish this topic…

I used to put my phone in a silent mode, placed it well away from my arm’s reach, and faced it downwards. There is a saying, “out of sight is out of mind,” well, “Out of reach is out of mind” works now as well. Once you keep your phone away from your workspace, you will be able to concentrate more on your work without the notification light blinking and asking you, pleading you to open it. So do not use your phone unless it’s an absolute emergency.

I have personally experienced and seen that students who use their mobile phones during their preparation, even for the board exams, tend to get way fewer marks. This is because they will always be online on the group chat, posting something, talking about something else. When asked, they would say that they are studying. But studying means that you should keep your mobile away from yourself. Disconnect from social media during the time you work on your preparation.

Every 40 Minutes, Get up and walk…

Every 40 minutes, I used to get up and walk. Studies have said that the brain works at peak capacity only for a small amount of time. It decreases slowly as time progresses during the continuous study. If you study for an hour at a stretch, then the chances are that you will not learn anything during that time. This is because you can only focus on one thing for only so long. After that, your brain will get tired, and you will not learn anything at a faster rate.

Hence, my advice is to put a timer for 40 minutes, start studying. Then when it rings, get up and walk a few steps, close your eyes, take deep breaths. Remember to stay hydrated during your studies. Continuous exposure to screens (if you are studying from a laptop) will have a drying effect on your eyes.

Do not pick up your phone after every 40 minutes to check on your notifications. If it were anything important, then someone would have called you for your opinion. If they have not, consider it not important. If anyone calls, make sure that your phone vibrates. There may be emergencies where studying can be overlooked. But, otherwise, no phones.

Keep a notebook and jot down your achievements for the day

Every single day, write down what you have learned, how much time you have spent studying. What was the score you got in your mock tests for the day? This helps keep track of yourself, and your performance and, looking at that will easily provide you the motivation that you have to keep that performance a constant or raise the bars. Whenever you feel bored about the topic you are studying, then open the book, read what you had done yesterday or the day before that. It will provide you with plenty of motivation to keep going.

Remember: Short bursts of powerful reading are much better than an extended long study time. Studying while taking a break every 40 minutes will ensure peak efficiency. Studying for 3 hours at a stretch and taking an hour break will only exhaust you. Start your preparation right, and you will be able to achieve your goals.

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