JEE Advanced Extra Attempt: Students are given two attempts, including the year in which they passed the class 12 test, according to the guidelines.

Several Joint Entrance Exam (JEE) Advanced candidates have demanded a second chance to take the IIT entrance exam. In a letter to the Joint Admission Board (JAB), the candidates requested that they be allowed to take the IIT entrance exam in 2022, as many of them were unable to do so due to the Covid epidemic.

JEE Advanced aspirants are requesting a second chance on Twitter according to the tweets that have been going on for a long. The hashtag #JEEAdvancedExtraAttempt was utilized by the majority of students to express their concerns on Twitter. The fundamental concept of the re-exam is that there is a digital divide between urban and rural areas as a result of the pandemic, with students from rural areas lacking a reliable network connection to study online.

“2020 batch students faced a major change in the education system prior to 2020, we were studying in an offline format, and then suddenly in online mode, which impacted our studies,” one stated. So, sir, please give us a second opportunity; we desperately need it.”

“We were unable to obtain any coaching physically totally throughout our drop year,” said another student. Many of us (students from remote areas) do not have access to the internet, so please give us an extra chance and pay attention to this issue.”

The next several days will determine how far this momentum grows and what repercussions it has. Keep an eye out for more developments.

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