Cracking JEE is a difficult task in itself and with just 30 days left in hand, it becomes very difficult. checkout the article for the best strategies on how to clear the exam

Cracking JEE is a difficult task in itself and with just 30 days left in hand, it becomes very difficult. Remember that this is the last 30-day strategy and does not guarantee success if you have not even started your preparation yet. But, if you have been preparing well, this last-minute strategy can help you immensely in increasing your scores and getting a good rank.

JEE Exam strategy

step by step strategy-

1.start with a plan

The first tip for JEE Main preparation before the exam is to keep your cool and stick to a plan. Because most promising candidates will have completed at least 90% – 95% of their syllabus by now. You must create the plan after analyzing what you know and don’t know and then categorizing the topics accordingly.

2.analyzing the syllabus

This is where you’ll begin your preparations. Because you cannot start when you don’t know what you need to learn and what you should leave. It is extremely important to properly comprehend the JEE Syllabus. Almost 10% of your preparation is complete if you have a thorough understanding of the exam syllabus.

3.keep your resources limited

Make sure you don’t read every book that is out there in the market. Be selective with what you read and don’t waste your time on unnecessary topics. Remember that less is more, the quality of your studies matters a lot more than you amount of books you have read.

4. Revise easy topics first-

Start with the easy topics first so that you don’t spend a lot of time learning new and difficult concepts as you are in a time crunch. This will help you revise your syllabus to some extent and once you have properly read the easy concepts, you can dedicate the remaining time to reading the difficult topics.

5. solve previous years question papers-

Now that you’ve completed your revision, it’s your turn to tackle the question papers from the previous year. This is a crucial portion that every student must complete. This will give you an idea about the exam pattern and will also help you practice.

6.Do test series-

The next and one of the most crucial steps in solving the test series. I would suggest you complete 1 test series every day. By completing a test series every day, you will be able to identify all of the problems in which you are weak and need to improve.

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