Is the CBSE Board Exam Postponed or Cancelled?

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There has been a development in the news regarding the postponement of the CBSE Boards. The exams which were supposed to be held from the 4th May to 16th May has been postponed due to the the rising COVID cases in India.

In a recent development, there has been news that there will be a meeting held on the 1st of June between the education department and the government to decide on the tentative dates.

There is a very high possibility that the exams may not be held even in June. It is likely that it may be held in the months of July or August.

These exams will NOT BE CANCELLED. So regardless of the date of the exams, you have to study. So any premature news regarding the canceling of the exams is fake. Although there is a large section wanting to direct the CBSE students’ direct promotion depending on their marks in the other exams they had taken, that may not be a possibility.

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