JEE Advanced Approaching!! Best Tips For You To Prepare

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JEE Advanced Tips

The JEE Main exam for the May and April session is postponed. No tentative dates are given as of now. The JEE Advanced exam is scheduled for the 3rd of July, 2021. The registrations for the same have not yet been opened. You can expect the registrations to open after all the 4 session’s results are given. Since 2 more sessions are to be conducted, we can only guess that only after those exams are conducted, and the results for the same have been announced that the registrations for JEE Advanced be opened.

It can be speculated that there may be a postponement of the JEE Advanced exam but it is still too early to decide that. Only if the NTA authorities announce can we know if it will be postponed or not.

So, regardless of whether it will be postponed or not, you have to keep studying as if it has not yet been postponed. Keep a tight schedule. Do not waste your time thinking that it won’t be of much consequence as if it is postponed you will have a lot of time to study.

THIS IS A WRONG NOTION. You will not have plenty of time to study. You may postpone and finally when the exams approach, you may hurry up and study hastily. That would not be a proper preparation.

What should you do now?

Practice mock tests extensively. This is the only way you can keep in touch with all the formulas and concepts. Practicing is never going to harm anybody. Along with practicing, make sure that you don’t forget to analyze the questions. Analyzing and comparing is the best way to ensure you get the maximum marks and you can tend to your mistakes as well.

Go through the entire Syllabus at least twice. This way you will have a firm grasp of the basic concepts. There may be a high chance that when learning hard topics, you may ignore the basic points and this will come to bite you back later during the exam. So, go through the syllabus twice, prepare accordingly.

Relaxed Time Table: You can relax your timetable a bit. If you had thought of writing the April and May session, you would probably be studying for the Main exam as of right now. Since it is postponed, you can relax your timetable just a bit to relax a bit but not too much.

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