Trigonometry is one of the most widely used and important parts of JEE Mathematics.
Trigonometry requires mugging up lots and lots of formulas. So the first and foremost thing you must ensure is that you should have all formulas of trigonometry on your tips because without formulas you won’t be able to master trigonometry. Other than that trigonometry requires lots of practice and exposure to various kinds of problems. So practice is the key to mastering trigonometry.

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Vikas Gupta and Pankaj Joshi

i Write, write and just write down all formulae in a separate notebook.

ii Read, read, and nothing but read all the formulae until and unless you get a complete grip over the formula.

iii Solve, solve and completely solve all sorts of sums that are up for grabs, Trigonometry is a chapter where the practice is a very crucial factor.

iv Draw, draw and always draw a triangle irrespective of what the question is.
v Think, think and stretch your brain and think as to which formula needs to be applied for which sum.
vi Trigonometry is a chapter where the application of the formula is really important for which it all boils down to solving sums.

vii Read the theory ONCE(don’t take out very much time to mug up the formulas separately, a read or two at max )
Solve problems and focus more on the equation part, making mistakes in that part is more likely.
viii You don’t have to give this topic too much time as compared to other chapters. Do it from 2 good sources and you are done.
ix Don’t worry chapters like complex, coordinate, integration will require your trigonometry. knowledge and hence will help you in recalling the formulas(or some trivial concepts related)
x You can make a formula sheet and have a look at it initially you stuck, and things will slowly get etched into your brain.
xi Don’t forget to go through the past year’s problems.
Once you achieve this target, you will be ready to face the trigonometry IIT JEE questions.

Trigonometry is one of interesting topic of mathematics. It require highly critical multidimensional thinking, quick recalling of formula’s.
In trigonometry one question can be done is several ways(Mostly proof). You will solve them like a piece of cake. Do remember to solve the mock tests and the previous year IIT JEE questions of Trigonometry to know well the pattern and the nature of questions.

You must memorize all trigonometry formulas for IIT JEE before you pick these papers to solve.

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