Reading will widen your horizons, you’ll learn new things, and also take you to a different world. There is a famous quote “Those who read live multiple lives while those who don’t live only once”

Losing weight, Going to the gym, Building productive habits, Studying more, and so on are some of the top things in most people’s new years’ resolutions. Every year, most people set a resolution to read a certain number of books. But, like all unfulfilled words, they fade into obscurity, much like previous New Year’s resolutions.

Whatever your field or career is, it is always great to develop a reading habit, not just your course books but something out of your usual genre. As you read, your memory and vocabulary will improve, you will learn new things, and your concentration and focus will improve.



Why read books, you may ask? Well, reading is probably one of the only habits that have no cons. Reading will widen your horizons, you’ll learn new things, and also take you to a different world. There is a famous quote “Those who read live multiple lives while those who don’t live only once”

If you want to make reading a habit, there are several practical steps you can take:


Quite frankly, we’re all busy, and our daily to-do lists are already filled to the brim. It can be quite challenging to find time to read when you have so many other things to do unless you add “reading time” to your daily schedule. Just like you brush your teeth or get dressed before going out, add reading to your daily routine. Be it 10-15 minutes, take some time out of your day and dedicate it solely to reading. Instead of scrolling through Instagram, why not pick a book?

Stop giving excuses!-

It is common for people to respond that they don’t have enough time to read as much as they would like. Which is a little absurd, to be honest. Most of us spend a lot of time on our phones, scrolling through our social media feeds or watching the new trending Netflix show. You have all the time you need! It’s just that you prioritize other things than reading.

Set Goals!

Setting goals motivates you and the feeling you get after achieving those goals is unexplainable. Setting a reading goal is a great approach to motivate yourself to read more. Set a goal for yourself this year, such as reading a certain amount of books or reading a certain number of pages per day, and work toward it.

Try reading different types of books-

Reading might become a chore if you are not involved in the book you are reading. If you’re genuinely immersed in what you’re reading, you won’t be able to put it down, and reading will become enjoyable. Select books that catch your interest. Try asking your bookworm friend for some recommendations or just search the internet.

Join a book club-

Joining a book club is absolutely fun. You pick a book to read over a span of a few weeks or a month and then discuss it with your clubmates. This is a great way to get into the habit of reading and making new book buddies.

Pick a cozy space-

A cozy space, a warm cup of coffee, and a book in your hand is the best way to spend some me-time. Lay on your bed or couch and pick a book to read. It is such a great feeling!

Now that I gave you some tips on how to get into the habit of reading, it’s on you whether you really want to do it or not. It might be a little difficult at first but with time you will enjoy it thoroughly.

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