1.Be interested and active in studies 2.Start early 3.Take enough breaks 4.Divide big topics into smaller sub-topics 5. Clear your doubts

Many students want to become a topper. they want to be in the top percent and want to achieve big things in life. But doing so is not always easy. It needs hard work, dedication, and true passion. In order to get to the top of your class, you must be disciplined and diligent. Engage in-class activities and complete all of your homework and assignments in a timely manner.  Organize your time for studying, test yourself regularly, and do not allow distractions to hinder your progress. Toppers stay ahead of the competition because they adhere to best practices.


Here are a few tips that will help you ace your exams:

Be interested and active in studies-

The goal is to not saunter through any chapter casually. Active participation in classes, whether it’s a school lecture or a coaching session, can help you learn a lot. Furthermore, being punctual in class is one of the most crucial habits you should adopt in order to become a topper because it will help you keep track of what is covered in each subject, lowering the chances of missing any curricular elements. Don’t just study for the sake of passing exams, but also for the joy of learning. To devote your heart and soul to a subject, you must first appreciate it. To enjoy a subject, you must be interested in it. Curiosity develops curiosity, and interest breeds curiosity. Curiosity is motivated by a desire to learn more.

Start early-

The first ingredient of a topper’s success is early preparation. An early start is really beneficial to a topper and his preparation. Don’t put off studying for the very end; doing so will put you at a disadvantage. Give enough time to your studies in order to finish your syllabus and revision. Prepare ahead of time for these sessions to make sure you have sufficient time for everything else in your syllabus.

Take enough breaks-

Studying for long stretches at a time might seem productive but does not yield good results. Studying continuously decreases your efficiency and you are more likely to zone out rather than actively study. Long periods of study can cause you to lose focus and mental clarity. To avoid this, it is important to take enough breaks in between your study sessions. Taking 10-15 minutes to relax will enable you to concentrate better and will make you feel less burnt out.

Divide big topics into smaller sub-topics-

Make a detailed study of your syllabus, then break it down into small portions and arrange them for daily study. You should not avoid or disregard any topics.  It is essential to take notes while studying so that you can go over the topics you have already studied.

Clear your doubts-

When studying, don’t leave any doubts! Get them cleared with the help of your teacher, friends, or by using online sources like doubt buddy. If you are facing doubts related to any subject, do check out the doubt buddy app. It is one of the best doubt-solving apps that provide instant and 24/7 solutions to all your problems. It has the best tutors to guide you through your studies.

Study to get knowledge rather than to become a top student because there is always something new to learn and there is no end to learning.

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