How to keep calm during tense situations?

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As a student, the worst thing that can happen to you is stress and anxiety during the most critical moments. You may be hosting an event, and suddenly, stage fright grips you. You will feel a very real chill crawl up your spine. This is the flight or fight response taking over your body. It is during those times you have to remain calm. This is the moment that decides what you do. Would you give in to your stress and back out of hosting the event, or will you clear your mind and take up the task. This is what defines each one of us. We all have weaknesses and fears. What matters the most is how we overcome those.

Here are a few tips on how to overcome your fears and remain calm regardless of the situation. The foremost thing you must know is that your mind is controlled by you and not by the situation or not by others once you can feel that. Once you think that you cannot be influenced by others’ opinions to dictate your actions, you are halfway towards a perfect calm.

Suppose you are in a tense situation where there is a lot of stress and anxiety coursing in you. Take a deep breath. Tell yourself that this will be under my control. I can handle it. Tell yourself that, reassure yourself. Do not give any heed to the stress-inducing thoughts.

The next thing you have to do is to consider all the possibilities of the situation. How can the situation proceed? What is the worst-case scenario? Many people fear that only the worst-case scenario will play out when it seldom happens. But if you are mentally prepared for the worst thing that can happen, anything that happens other than that would be straightforward to handle for you as you would have prepared for the worst thing that can happen. This way, half the battle with stress and anxiety is won.

Steel your mind from negative thoughts. There will always be thoughts that tend to divert your mind from its state of calmness during tense situations. Do not heed those thoughts. Block them out. Even if the worst situation possible comes to pass, you would be able to handle it as you would have already thought of what might happen, and this would save you time where instead of you being aghast at the situation, you will take charge and sort it out.

Know that a calm mind is sharper than a hundred swords. Stay calm in all situations regardless, and you will prevail unscathed.

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