How To Ace Any Interview?

6 Minute Read

Interviews for a basic foundation for your career regardless of what it may be. Performing well in an interview may mean that you either get into the college of your dreams or don’t. There are a few types of interviews.

  • Telephonic Interviews: This can basically be considered the first type of interview where the employer may call you up and ask you a few questions where you are required to think quickly and answer quickly. This is one of the major places where some candidates are dropped because they cannot answer correctly.
  • Face To Face Interviews: These are the most common interview methods used by employees to decide if the candidate is the perfect fit for the role which is currently vacant. The questions being asked here could vary largely from your strengths and weaknesses to the technical aspects.
  • Panel Interview: Here, an entire panel of people will ask you questions. Your ability to answer well under pressure there will determine if you will be selected. Since many people will be looking at you and bombarding you with questions, you may feel a lot of stress and anxiety, which is essentially what the interviewers want you to feel. Such that they can then test you how well you manage under pressure
To land the job or the spot in the college here are a few questions you should be able to answer right off the bat:
  1. “Tell me about yourself”: When asked this question, do not hesitate. You must be knowing more about yourself. Start with “I am…” introduce yourself, skip the parts of where you were born, who your parents were, and so on. The person interviewing you wants your details, not the details of where you were born or what your parents are. So keep it short. Do not elongate any information. Be sure to emphasize your strengths, your previous experiences, and your biggest achievements. Also, explain why you are the best candidate suitable for the position. The interviewers need someone enthusiastic and ambitious.
  2. “What are your strengths and weaknesses?”: To answer this question, you must have prepared yourself for this question before the interview. You have to introspect yourself and mentally note what your strengths and weaknesses are. While answering this question, it is best if you answer honestly. Some over-enthusiastically tell that they have no weaknesses and boast about their strengths. Do not do that. It would be best to identify your weakness and tell that you are working on your weakness. To answer your strengths, be sure to be a bit humble when answering. Boasting will only reduce your probabilities of getting selected. There is a fine line you have to walk during any interview. Any swaying to any side will only mean that you fall.
  3. “Why should we select you?” Another common question that stumps a lot of candidates. In such a situation, tell them why you feel that you deserve it. Say that you have worked hard, that you will work even harder. Tell them that your skills and experience will complement them. That it would be beneficial for both the parties. But you should subtly tell them that.

There is no set, general answers for these questions. But, whatever your answer may be, it should be honest. Do not cook up stories and tell them. If they find out you are a liar, that would be a nasty remark on your reputation.

Before you go for an interview, be prepared—research on the institution or organization. Be polite and respectful while talking. Always be honest and stay calm even if there are unexpected questions. If you do not know the answer to a question, tell them that you do not know and, if possible, if they could explain it to you. Interviewers love it when the candidate asks for the answer. It shows that they are willing to learn new things which they don’t know. Finally, dress appropriately and attend the interview. You will be sure to succeed.