Classroom Etiquette – 8 Things You Should Know

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I will start by saying what etiquette is. It is basically what manners you should be having and how you should behave in a classroom. Each college or school will have its guidelines posted on its official website. Even though for students who are in their universities, it is not supposed to be commonly told, it would be best if anyone undergoing an education process read this blog.

In a classroom, you will be sitting with multiple students from various backgrounds. Do not make any presumptions about them. Having or making a presumptuous statement will only ruin the peaceful setting of the classroom. Instead, try to make more friends. Although this doesn’t fall in classroom etiquette, this should be told repeatedly as it has been found that students assume something and hold it as their belief.

  • Attend every class: Just because you have paid the fees for the course doesn’t mean you can get off by not attending the classes. It is your moral duty to attend classes. Some schools or colleges in India specify a certain cut-off of attendance required for the student to be qualified to write the final exams. That would seem like a good move, but the students will still manage to bunk a few classes. If you cannot attend a class because of unforeseen circumstances, then it would suffice to inform the professor of that class of your situation, and some leeway will be given.
  • Come to class on time: While some schools and colleges have a stringent policy of not letting students in if they come even a few minutes late, others allow them to enter whenever they feel like. Regardless, it should be your duty to come to class on time, preferably a few minutes before the professor or teacher enters. Coming to class late only disturbs the learning environment and distracts the other students.
  • Please turn off your mobile phone: It is highly distracting, to say the least when someone’s mobile rings. This would destroy the learning environment so carefully set up by the professor. Make sure to turn off your mobile phone before the class starts. You should always be in the mindset of studying during class.
  • Do not have private conversations: Unless the teacher allows you to discuss the subject, do not have private conversations with your friend. It is very distracting, and you are disrespecting the teacher and their position. Furthermore, having private conversations only signifies that you are indifferent towards teaching, and this would be distracting and blatant disrespect to the teachers’ position.
  • Respect your professor/teacher: If you feel that something is lacking in their teaching, then do not make any inappropriate remarks in the class. Do not antagonize them in the class. Instead, you should approach them privately and inform them of what you feel is falling short in their classes. This is the correct way of dealing with things.
  • Avoid walking out of the class: This is a blatant show of disrespect towards the learning system. Do not do this. There are no grounds for being so disrespectful about a class. A class should be considered as holy as any religious establishment. It is the place where dreams are nurtured and flourish.
  • Come to class well prepared: Not having the proper school or college equipment as a pen, pencil, notebook, etc., would only present a disturbance as they would either ask for one or sit quietly without taking notes. It may not disturb others, but it will have a bad impact on oneself as they would understand some things that require a pen and paper to be present.
  • Respect everyone: During a discussion, there may come a time when some of your classmates have an opinion that may be different from yours. At such points, instead of lashing out at them, try to justify yourself calmly as is the required manners. You have to give them the same respect as you expect from them.

Wait till the class is over: some professors tend to take a few minutes beyond the usual class time. At such times, some students may gesture that the time is up by doing some actions like zipping their bags, closing their books loudly, looking around as if they are restless. Do not do that. That again would be disrespecting the professor. Wait till the class is over, and then when the professor leaves, you should leave.

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