5 Best Tips To Calm Yourself Before A Speech

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You may be an introvert like me!! For us, speaking on a stage appears as going to the gallows. It is our worst fear and the worst thing that could ever happen. What will people think of me? What will they feel when I say my speech? What if they don’t respond to me? What if I don’t deliver my speech properly and they start laughing? These are just some of the few questions bound to arise in your mind just before it is your turn on stage. So in this blog I have written on how to calm yourself before a speech.

Even I was like that. But now, I have learned to conquer my fear of giving speeches and presentations. How? Being an introvert, how is that possible? You may ask. Well, here are some easy tips for you to purge that fear from your mind.

5 Tips To Keep In Mind:
  1. Don’t think.  The deep-rooted fears of the stage are all in your mind. Only if you think those fears will come out and wreak havoc on you, thus, don’t even think about anything. Keep your mind blank. The only thing that you must think about is your speech and how you should deliver it. Do not memorize the speech; that never works. If you are giving a presentation, try to remember all the needed facts instead of memorizing them. If you are giving a speech, then either have it written down on a piece of paper or give it without one nonchalantly. The latter would seem very difficult and thus only do it if you are an expert at giving on-the-spot speeches.
  2. Imagine there is no one in the audience. Just imagining that you would be presenting to no one would automatically calm your mind. Your muscles will be less tensed. This helps with your fear a lot.
  3. Take deep breaths. It automatically slows your heartbeat and makes you calm. Not only this, it will give a lot of oxygen to your brain ( you will need it!! ) to remain alert and calm.
  4. Talk slowly. Even if initially you won’t get fear, there are a lot of chances that you may have a panic attack on stage, and you will forget whatever you would be trying to say. This only happens if you talk very fast that even you are unable to comprehend. Hence, talk slowly and carefully, thinking out your next 2 words. This way, you will never feel a lack of continuity.
  5. Remain poised. Stand upright, smile! Don’t hunch back as if someone is forcing you to be onstage at gunpoint. The audience will feel a lot more energized and connect with you if you can project yourself as a steadfast person. They will be more attentive, and even if you mess up something, you can manage it well, and no one will point it out to you.
What Should You Do If You Forget?

Tell the audience that there is a slide missing if it’s a presentation to buy yourself a couple of seconds to move on to the next topic or remember whatever you are trying to say. A classic trick that is used by some (including me) to buy myself just a couple of seconds up to a minute to remember whatever it was I wanted to say. If it is a speech, then it is a bit tricky. While giving a speech, depending on the type of speech, you can pause for a maximum of 2 seconds before continuing. Hence, you will have only 2 seconds to think of what you should say next. Or drink water. This way, you can get another few more seconds to remember. You won’t get any more than that. So try to remember whatever it is you were going to say, or it will be awkward where you stand and don’t say anything. Say something relevant. If you aren’t finding anything to say, end the speech.

Concluding Remarks

You have to know that every person who has ever been on a stage has had the fear grip him. But, they have managed to pull free of that and come through. Even you can be able to do it. Believe in yourself, have faith, and you will definitely do a wonderful job.

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