How to read a question faster and accurately? 3 Best tips

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You may find yourself in situations where you are unable to read questions quicker. This may end up wasting a lot of time on your exam. If you take up most of your time reading questions rather than answering them, it will lead to a disaster. If you do this, then you cannot spend your time answering the question. This happens mainly because you do not have the correct strategy to read a question. Be it a competitive exam or a normal exam or even something that you have to read quickly. Certain skills allow you to bypass and read the questions and understand them accurately. Unfortunately, this means that you will only get to know what is required and omit the rest.


It is the act of reading to understand only the main points in a text. With this, you deliberately skip unnecessary details, and you only focus on the details required for you. If it is a question in a competitive exam, then focus on the values given and the attributes they are associated with. Along with this, know what you should find. Then find out any key points that you would need to know. This way, you will skim through a question in less than 10-15 seconds. If it is a question in any English exam, go through the entire paragraph once, noting only the main keywords. Then go through the questions. According to the question, read only the required part and answer.


This means you are looking for specific details. It happens in the case of English exams where they ask for some specific thing. Then instead of going through the entire paragraph, ignore most of it and look only for the specific keyword that matches. Unlike other advice where they tell you to go through the entire thing thoroughly, remember that you are doing it for marks and that time is of the utmost importance. If you fail to realize this and start to analyze the text given (if it’s not asked), then you will lose out on your precious time.

Contextual clues:

You have to use context clues, where certain things are not as they seem. Some words are used which may seem out of place but actually aren’t. They are deliberately used there to depict something. TO know why they are used where they are used, you have to infer from the context. Do not take anything as-is unless required. For example: “ Rosemary was married to a duck of a boy. Her husband adored her. They were rich ….” Here the word “duck” doesn’t necessarily mean a duck. If you do not read the entire thing, then you will infer she was married to the duck of some boy, which is completely false. The phrase here means an enthusiastic person, a person who brings joy, and so on. This can be inferred from the next line, “Her husband adored her.” Similarly, even in other places, such contextual clues are given, and even unknown words can be made sense of.

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