How important is sleep? How does it affect you?

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A person must sleep at least 7-8 hours a day. A regular student should sleep this much to have themselves rejuvenated each morning and get back to their studies.

How does this happen? Does more sleep imply more productivity? Doesn’t sleeping more means less time to work on something?

All these questions will be answered in this concise blog. So studies have shown that sleep is related to memory retention.  There are basically 3 parts to learning something; the first is called ACQUISITION, where you acquire all the necessary information. The second is called CONSOLIDATION; here, your brain fixes that into your mind; this is done by the evolution of your neural networks in your brain. The third is called RECALL; it implies how good and how much percentage of the information you have stored you can reproduce. So now you may ask, how does sleep benefit this?

Studies have been done, and it shows that sleeping improves brain function and increases the time for new neural networks to form, which means that better Consolidation occurs. So the very first thing sleep helps you is in building your memory. It improves your memory a lot. Most memory consolidation is found to happen when one is sleeping.

Physical Importance

The second thing is that sleeping relaxes your muscles and gives time for them to rejuvenate. When you work out, you feel tired because your muscles are strained, and there are micro-tears in the muscles, which causes strain and pain. It will be repaired only when you are staying still or sleeping. Similarly, when a student is constantly studying, multiple organs and muscles are strained, from the eyes to the hands, from the legs to the back. It is not as intense as a workout which may cause micro-tears, but it is the burnout from constant pressure. The muscles will get tired, and there will be a sort of fatigue that overruns your body. Hence, that is why sleep is essential to get those muscles unstrained, relaxed, and ready to go again the next day.

Not only does it help you out physically, but getting enough sleep will also play a huge role in your mental health. Each day you wake up fresh and active. Sometimes when one doesn’t get enough sleep, they wake up tired, just as tired as they had gone to sleep.

Concluding remarks

Hence, try to sleep more. More sleep means more productiveness. A person who doesn’t sleep for at least 5-7 hours but does more work than a person who sleeps for 8 hours a day will be less productive than sleeps more. Even if they put in 80 hours a week towards their goals, even if the latter puts in about 50 hours, the work both will accomplish will be the same. Sleeping will make you more productive; you can output more in a given time than a sleep-deprived person.

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