5 things top rankers do differently while writing NEET exam.


The countdown to one of the country’s major entrance examinations, NEET, has finally begun. The exam is all set to be conducted on August 1 if everything goes normal. While it is a joyous moment for all of you, who have been waiting for this day. NEET is believed to be a hard shell to crack. But definitely, it is not an impossible thing to achieve. Given below are five preparation tips by toppers that will not only strengthen your preparation but will also help boost your confidence for the exam.

The art of leaving questions: while attempting the question paper , one should realize his/ her strengths and weaknesses and quickly leave questions which appear to be complicated or lengthy problems. This choice should be made before attempting questions and most formula based or theoretical questions should be done first.

Preparing topics which are challenging:
Top rankers generally overcome the topics that they fear the most by continuously asking their doubts to teachers or friends. So, remember to work on topics which are challenging by giving them a good amount of time and also keeping in mind about how many questions are asked in the exam from that topic.

Time management during exam: Many think that they will allot hours and solve the questions and everything is well and good , but this fails during main exam . For this to happen efficiently , practice at least 1 test paper once a week during the last few months of the exam.

Last moment preparation: during the last 20 days make a schedule to only do theory and only those questions which you faced trouble in. For this, while preparing you must mark questions in which you face difficulties.

Practice: Practice a lot of previous year papers because they give you qualitative idea of what comes in the exam .
No need to do advanced questions of which questions are never asked during last moment preparation .

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