Mental Health – Its Importance And Impact on College Students

May 11, 2021.
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College students are more prone to fall into depression than other students. This all boils down to the fact that they will be faced with huge daunting tasks. As a result, students, especially those who are taking up competitive exams, will be extra liable to fall into a pit of depression during their studies.

What is mental health? It is the sound state of one’s mind and psyche. Mental well-being can be collectively referred to as mental health.  In the contemporary setting of India, mental health is not given as important as it should be given. It is as essential as physical health.

People fail to understand this and try to rub it off. Mental health issues are more likely to arise among male students than in female students. Again, female students are more likely to share their feelings and thoughts with their friends and family and vent it out effectively. They are more likely to receive advice on it as well.

At the same time, the male students do not have an opportunity to express their thoughts freely as their female counterparts. A common saying will shut down any such expression, “You are a man; suck it up.” This is wrong on so many levels. Even male students are prone to developing mental issues if they do not talk or vent their feelings. As such, mental issues in India are more common with male college students.

How do you maintain a good mental health?

To maintain good mental well-being, you have to introspect yourself and ask what is bothering you. Once you find out the answer, try to solve that. If it is not a solvable answer, try to reach out to your friends. If even that doesn’t work, then try to connect with your college counselor. A college counselor would be able to give the best advice possible. Many colleges will have counselors who are specifically in the job to keep track of the student’s well-being. If you are unable to get hold of one, then try to contact an outside therapist. They will be able to give you the best solutions to any problem you are facing.

What are the possible issues you can face?

One of the main things college students will face is constant stress, burning out, lack of sleep. These all contribute to a very unstable mindset. For a college student, they will be in the adolescent stage of their life. They will do irrational things, as is that age. Issues may arise from failed relationships, addiction to substances, a feeling of being lost and left out, and so on. Even the trauma of losing a loved person will deal a great blow to their mental health. From my personal experience, I have seen people gain anxiety and stress due to their fear of examinations. These are all common issues that arise and should be nipped at the bud.

Taking care of your mental health should be of the utmost importance. A sound mind will lead to a sound body. An unsound mind will be the breeding ground for many diseases. Keep your mind healthy; if you face any issue, immediately voice your feelings to the ones you feel comfortable with or to a counselor/therapist.

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