In this article we have mentioned a few tips that you can consider if you want to do especially well in science and maths in your CBSE board exams

Board exams are usually regarded as the most important exams a student will take during their academic career. Tens of thousands of students take board exams each year. The strain and worry about finishing the course on time is a common element among all students. In many schools, the curriculum is completed as quickly as possible so that time for revision can be allocated.

The CBSE Term 1 examination results are expected soon. Students meanwhile are preparing for the Term 2 board exam, which will take place in April. The board has decreased the coursework for period 2 by 50% to give college students a respite. In contrast to the MCQs (Multiple Choice Questions) in period 1, questions will most likely be of the short and long response codecs.


Here are a few tips that you can consider if you want to do especially well in science and maths in your CBSE board exams:

Study The NCERTs-

The content of NCERT textbooks is closely followed in the CBSE board exam questions. If you want to receive a good grade, make sure you go over all of the questions at the end of each chapter. To improve your chances of a high grade, practice questions from the NCERT Exemplars thoroughly.

Use Effective Study Techniques-

Do not just study for long periods of time while preparing for the exam. It could be exhausting, and you might not remember everything. Instead, use study techniques like Pomodoro, Spaced repetition, Feynman technique, etc.

Chapter Wise Studying-

For each topic and chapter, the official CBSE website provides a chapter-by-chapter breakdown of marks. Plan your timetable so that you can devote equal time to each subject. Simultaneously, dedicate extra time to chapters that carry a higher weighting of marks. If you prioritize chapters with a larger weightage, you may have a better chance of scoring appropriately.

Sample papers And Mock Tests-

It is recommended that you practice past question papers after you have covered all of the important topics. This is one of the most important CBSE preparation tips for getting good grades.

Question papers help students learn the subject and different types of questions. Also, give mock tests to get an idea of where you stand in your preparation so you can work on improvement.

Learn All The Important Formulas And Equations-

Formulas and equations are vital in maths and science exams. Knowing them is extremely important as most of the questions require you to use these equations and formulas. Write them down while making notes and keep revising them every day. Keep on revising until you learn them by heart.


Regular practice is one of the most important board test tactics. Students can earn good grades by practicing and evaluating courses such as mathematics and science on a regular basis. Practice helps students learn how to write long answers in less time and overcome their fear of learning long answers.

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