CBSE 10th Board Exams: Big announcement. Are the exams Cancelled?

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Board Exams

In a recent announcement by the CBSE board, they have decided to have the class 10 exams canceled, and there has been a new change in how the marks will be allotted to the student.

Due to the prevailing pandemic, the CBSE board decided to not to hold the exams but instead chose to assess based on the student’s performance in the other exams held by the school.

The marks will be distributed in the following ways.

Internal Assessment*20
Unit Test10
Mid-Term Examinations30
Pre-Board Examinations40

*: The internal assessment will be the only thing concurrent with the previous years pattern of evaluation of marks.

In this way, the marks of the student will be evaluated. The marks which would be allotted to the student should be coherent with those with the previous years.

The school should set up a Result Committee, and they will be in charge of evaluating and giving marks and reporting to the CBSE Board.

Each committee must consist of a principal and 7 other teachers. 5 of whom should be from the same school and the other 2 from neighboring schools.

Refer to this official circular by the CBSE for more details.

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