Online Education

Today, everything happens in online, may it be booking college seats or checking results. All, you need is a good connectivity to crack everything down . Then I ask, when everything is going digital, then why not education?

Online Education provides a lot of flexibility as compared to the class room course as the student can complete their course from wherever they want. They just need either computer or Laptop and Internet connection.

As the novel coronavirus (COVID-19) continues to spread around the globe, most educational institutions, from grade schools to universities, have been forced to shut down temporarily. This fact has led many educators to investigate online teaching options, ONLINE CLASSES  has become popular as it’s not essential for the teacher and the student to meet face to face for knowledge sharing.

This growing popularity of online tuitions has put the parents in a fix- if they should opt for online tuition or follow traditional coaching classes! However, you will be delving deeper into the perks of online tutoring as you keep scrolling down this page.


Convenience: No, online learning doesn’t mean you can be lazy, or watching TV in the background, it means that you can attend your class regardless of the weather, your vehicle’s condition, traffic and so many other factors. If you travel for work or leisure, you can take classes from the comfort of a hotel or quiet cafe . This is the most important benefit of online learning for students. Learning and teaching can be done at home with the help of digital devices like tablets or laptops. With the help of online learning, time can be saved and can also focus on other productive activities.

Flexibility: Online learning can play an important role in saving your time for other productive activities. Since everything is available online, accessing study material and learning new things becomes very convenient. And also given preference to choose what time of day you want to learn. Online learning helps students to learn at their own pace.

Affordability: Money spent on traveling can be saved as you can conveniently do at home. It only requires an internet connection and devices like laptops, computers, or tablets. Students can engage more in learning than traveling.

Fun and easy: Students are more interested in learning with fun activities. Learning becomes more effective for students as the online platform has more interesting features, videos, images, documentaries, etc.

Availability of Resources: Online learning platforms have abundant study materials. Students have a variety of resources to choose from which help them in understanding the concept in a more effective way.

Personal assessment before learning: A good online company or teacher should be able to test your status and pinpoint your strengths and weaknesses, helping to define your study plan and curriculum.
Personal attention and feedback. In most online learning situations, it’s just you and the teacher. No distractions, no repeating your classmates’ errors and mistakes, no waiting for others. You get feedback with each step of the journey.

Record and Replay: This is an advantage that many learners don’t realize or take advantage of. Learning online, students can replay their lesson as many times as they’d like, pausing and re-watching as they wish.

Save Time: It is good to be ambitious, & focus on achieving good grades but, time is luxury for any student. In offline tuitions, you have to travel distances to get the best tuition, that means you are wasting your time while traveling back & forth. Online tuition helps you to save time as you will take classes over the internet.


Comfort + Parent Supervision: In online tuitions, parents can check if his child is getting the proper education or not. And, studies show that familiar surroundings & home-comfort can have a positive impact on promoting effective & meaningful learning. It helps you to increase focus & concentration. Do you want to miss these things?

Online tuition website like Vedantu makes sure, the teachers conduct PTM quarterly to share student’s progress with the parents. Progress report helps to track the improvement and parents can share their feedback with the tutor.

Save Money: Online tuition is economical as compared to offline tuitions or coaching classes. When you opt for online tuition, you don’t have to travel anywhere after you come back from school.

Fact is, Indian parents spend around 40-50K per year just for traveling purpose! And what’s the harm if you get a quality education sitting at home? Online tuitions are actually cheaper, moreover, you will get to learn from the best teachers across the country.

Self-discipline: Online tuition is an effective way of learning as you have to think about what you are going to study and ask your teacher during the class. So, you have to prepare yourself in advance to make sure the points & doubts you want to discuss are covered.

Write Tests & Assignments: If you’re thinking that there will be no test then you are wrong! In online tuition, you get the chance to attempt tests designed by the best teachers and you will get this info on a verified and popular online tuition website only. The teachers will analyze and suggest how to work on your strength & weakness. Not only this, but you will also compete with the best brains across the country!

Being a parent you might think, maybe the online tuition website provides a good education but your child is too young to handle online tuition! probably, you are not wrong but this also has a solution! In that case, parental guidance is necessary to help the child overcome this barrier to get the most out of ‘online tuition’.

It’s time you check a trusted online website and learn more about their offerings. Else, you might miss out some amazing learning benefits of online tuition that can make a difference in your student-life! 

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