This pandemic, how to stay active and study?

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How to stay active

It is May as of right now, and the pandemic is raging outside. The best advice given to everyone is to stay put and stay at home. At the same time, fear may be prevailing in everyone’s household. Knowing that staying home will keep everyone safe should be a respite from the harsh conditions outside. So, how will you stay active and study during this time? That would be the question many will choose to ask, and few will choose to answer.

The foremost thing you must do is to ask yourself what you should be reading. Pointlessly reading will not benefit you in any way. Ask yourself what would be the ideal thing you should be preparing for. If you are an IIT aspirant, then your answer would be the IIT JEE. If you are a NEET aspirant, then NEET it is. If you are in your 10th or 12th then, the board exams would cut the deal for you.

After you introspect yourself and get the answer for what you should be preparing for, you have to change your mindset. This pandemic has been raging for well over a year now. In one year, the entire education system has been upheaved, and online education is the most prevalent means now. So, you, a student, may have been accustomed to sitting in front of a screen, not having any interaction, enjoying memes on Instagram while the teacher is teaching to a webcam. This would have seemed to be the most fun you would have had in a long time. Enjoying each day as if it was a holiday. That very mindset should be changed. If not, then you can never improve upon yourself.

Change your mindset into one which is more fruitful and productive. If you have online classes, then sit and listen to them. Steel your mind, listen to every word being taught. If you don’t have online classes, then prepare a strict timetable for learning. Allocate a certain amount of time for your studies, some for your daily relaxing activities, and some social interactions. Set an alarm clock for every 1 hour to get yourself a break of at least 10-15 minutes. This way, you won’t burn yourself out each day. Be sure to take plenty of rest while studying.

Studies should mean that you take up a book, search for a concept, and learn it completely that day—no deferring the topic if it is tough, no skipping as well. Regardless of how tough it might seem, it would help if you forced yourself to study them.

Practice previous year. The best way for you to get some motivation is to practice them, evaluate them and see where you stand. If you get low marks, well, that would mean you would have to study harder. If you get good marks, then that would also mean you need to keep up your studying pace and try tougher problems. Always know that there is no such thing as being perfect. A man can never be perfect, but he always strives to be as close to perfection as is possible.

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