We all have experienced this during exams, irrespective of online or offline . There’s always that one teacher who says us ” last 10 minutes students, hurry up! ” . And everyone becomes conscious and starts scrambling their papers in a superman speed . And of course, we keep easy ones towards the end, basically mcq’s .

And everyone starts getting panic, It was either losing on what they knew or trying to complete the tough ones that they aren’t sure of. And there goes the bell! Time over! Teachers starts collecting paper and there are few students from whom paper needs to be snatched, like how we snatch toys from our siblings.

I feel almost all of us must have faced this thing either in schools or colleges. And while leaving house on the exam days our mother used to say us ” write what you know first, then move to the harder questions” . A great tip, isn’t ? Even our friends and teachers says the same thing .


Observing patterns: Ever gone through past question paper banks? Found any patterns? That’s right, question papers usually follow a pattern. Understanding these patterns will help you in predicting similar types of questions for the exam of the future. Going by this style of preparation you are bound to remain calm, composed and confident on your big day. That’s winning half the battle right there! Practicing these papers after timing yourself will help you in building an edge.

Every kind of competitive exam that you will ever appear for, will most likely have a question paper pattern. Your style of preparation should be guided by this pattern. BOARDS, NEET, JEE or any other competitive exam will have a specific pattern. Timing and being informed about a pattern can make or break an exam.

The magic of timing your question while writing right:

Knowing all the answers to the questions in a paper won’t guarantee that you finish the paper. Having enough time to complete it is crucial. Practicing question papers will help you build speed and time your questions right.

In the first five minutes of you getting your paper, sift through all the questions. By now you know how much time needs to be allotted to each question. So keep that in mind. Start with those questions that you know very well and then gradually work up to the tough ones.

Keeping your mind updated all the time:

You should be consistent in your practice of question papers. Large gaps between exams can set you off by a big margin. Anything you learn will solidify only if you repeat the process regularly. And It’s the same with practicing exam papers too. Plus, the more you practice, the better you become at it.

Preparing for exams:

No amount of planning will help you get through your exams without preparations. Your style of preparation needs to change when you shift from subject to subject. For example, your style of preparation for mathematics would be very different from that for a language subject. For learning Physics, Chemistry, Biology and Maths , understanding core concepts is essential. If you try mugging up maths without practicing you are going to be very sorry when your results come out.

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