. It’s self-evident that even if you’re resolved that no one will outwork you, you still have a limit, and there’s always someone prepared to sleep less than you.

Without a doubt, you are working hard, but there are thousands more applicants who are working even harder. On the other hand, lakhs of candidates may be asking themselves the same question. It’s self-evident that even if you’re resolved that no one will outwork you, you still have a limit, and there’s always someone prepared to sleep less than you. To summarize, we all work hard, but only a select few achieve true success. Smart work makes a difference in this situation.


Entrance exams cannot be categorized as ‘Difficult’ or ‘Easy’ in general since Difficulty must first be defined. What is challenging for one applicant may be a source of comfort for the other. Every entrance exam is created with a specific goal in mind, and it is entirely for the purpose of identifying the top candidates who demonstrate those qualities. Here are a few reasons why competitive exams are so difficult to crack-

1.High level of competition-

Everyone knows that India is the 2nd highest country in terms of population just after China. Having so many people competing for one examination makes it extremely difficult to get through and the success rate decreases immensely. A 1 mark difference can make or break things. The high level of population is one of the significant reasons why India has such a low success rate when it comes to competitive exams.

2.Overly saturated career options-

Most people in our country take engineering, medical, or civil service exams since passing these tests earns respect and job stability. students are groomed from a very young age to go for these career options and are hardly encouraged to do something else or something more creative and artistic. This can lead to the disinterest of students which further leads to failure. It is advised to let students do what they are passionate about.

3. Unproductive strategy-

Students study a lot but it’s the difference in strategies that decides success or failure. It is very important to study strategically and focus more on the quality of studies rather than the quantity studied. Making good strategies that are productive and that you can adhere to can help you immensely.

4. ACCUMULATION takes precedence over LEARNING TO EXECUTE:

The type of resources one is going to use to prepare for the exam takes half of a student’s time. They focus more on collecting these resources rather than sticking to a limited resource strategy and learning things to execute them in the actual exam. It is advised to keep your resources limited in order to avoid confusion and our resources in this case are the concepts and knowledge we have obtained during the course of our preparation.

These were some of the most common reasons why competitive exams are so difficult to crack. Don’t feel demotivated or lost if you are unable to succeed this time. Stand up, start all over again and never give up. make sure to learn from your mistakes and you will surely succeed.

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