It has been almost 2 years since we were hit with the covid 19 pandemic and most of us students have quite a lot of free time

It has been almost 2 years since we were hit with the covid 19 pandemic and most of us students have quite a lot of free time. You must be wondering, how should I utilize this free time that I have, now that I am having online classes and most of my time is spent at home? For students, it is very important to utilize this time productively as they have a career ahead of them. This is time that you can use to have a hobby that was not possible before or prepare for your upcoming exams or something else productive. Don’t worry if you’re concerned that you’re not being productive enough while working from home, or if you’re feeling guilty about poor habits and an unhealthy lockdown lifestyle. Here we have mentioned 5 productive things you can do during this pandemic.

utilizing free time during covid

1. Start Reading Books-

This is the best time to add reading to your list of hobbies. It is productive, it helps you learn and grow as a person, and you dive into so many different worlds and experience so many amazing things. Try reading and books will surely become your best friends. It is a hobby that you will enjoy yet not feel guilty about.

2. Read something other than your usual subjects-

Try reading psychology if you are a maths major. Pick up a business book if you are studying science. Try to spin things around and read something different from your usual subjects. This will make learning new things fun as you will look at things from a completely different perspective.

3. Clean your room-

YES! I know most of you have a messy room and you are very much guilty of it. Cleaning your room will make you feel so much more motivated and will help you study with more focus. a clean room brings peace of mind and makes studying or working a lot more enjoyable. You are also less likely to feel annoyed if you have a neat and clean room.

4. Organize your notes-

You can organize your notes according to your preference and annotate and highlight all you want. Since you are not in a time constraint, you can design your notes however you want and this will make studying so much more fun. Organizing your notes will also help save time as you won’t have to look for topics through heaps of papers.

5. Learn a new language-

Learning a new language is so much fun. It is such a good hobby to have and will only benefit you. Try learning French, Korean, Japanese, Spanish, or any other language that fascinates you. You can also make a career out of it! Learning a new language will make you more sharp and confident and will help exercise your brain during these times.

These were a few fun yet productive things you can do to make efficient use of your time during the pandemic.

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