Which Is The Most Scoring Topics in JEE Main – Physics

Scoring Topic

There are some topics/ chapters in JEE main which are considered to have the highest weightage among them. Reading and mastering these topics will certainly help you in scoring the maximum marks. You must note that these questions are also pretty tricky to learn and perfect. Care must be given to practice these till you are perfect with them.

The topics are:

  1. Electromagnetism
  2. Rotation
  3. Magnetism
  4. SHM

These topics may seem to be pretty tough at first glance but with enough practice and commitment, you can overcome them undoubtedly. These topics pose the greatest challenge to many aspirants and hence, they either tend to neglect these by going towards easier topics or pay less attention to the above-mentioned topics. This is a wrong approach towards scoring great marks. In order to get what others won’t, it is necessary to work hard and commit yourself.

How do you prepare for these topics?

  1. In these topics, diagrams are of utmost importance. Without drawing one, it would be challenging to solve such problems. So, practice drawing problems for the questions asked; this will improve not only your problem-solving skills but also your conceptual understanding.
  2. These sections will have loads of problems that are more focused on diagrams. Do not limit yourself to such problems only; try to expand your knowledge by solving word questions that do not have diagrams. This way, you will be conditioned to either type of question asked, and you will feel comfortable with either type of question.
  3. Solve the previous year’s questions papers, get familiarized with the different types of questions that can be asked. Scoring good marks in these mock tests and previous year’s question papers will ensure that you will for sure get good marks.

Note that these topics are difficult, and it is not anywhere easy to master them. But since these are the scoring topics, you have to practice and perfect them if you hope to get a good rank. If you are stuck on any particular question, then it is high time that you step up your preparation and download the DOUBT BUDDY APP now. Get all of your doubts cleared instantly and accurately. All you would need to do is click a picture of the doubt and upload it on the app.

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