5 Best Tips For Chemistry In JEE Main/Advanced

5 best tips for Chemistry

Many IIT Aspirants tend to neglect Chemistry thinking it to be “easy” but that notion should not deter any aspirant from skipping reading chemistry. Yes, it is easier than the other topics but on that grounds, it should not for any reason neglected. But pretty soon when you start chemistry, you will start to feel that some topics are very tough, as you will not be able to grasp them immediately. Chemistry unlike Physics or Mathematics will have exceptions. These exceptions must be learned by rote. Some students find it tough to handle this as they have been accustomed to the straightforward concepts of physics and mathematics. Here are some of the tips to handle tough topics in chemistry:

  1. Create a book containing named reactions: This is one of the most common things done by aspirants where they write down all the named reactions in a particular book and read it continuously to keep in touch with these reactions constantly. Whenever you see a reaction, try to recall the mechanism involved with that particular reaction. This way, your understanding of the reactions will increase considerably.
  2. Compare and Contrast: When studying reactions, you must try to connect, compare and contrast different similar reactions. Connect how the reaction occurs in terms of electron affinity, positive or negative catalyst, which is the electrophile, and the nucleophile. You can compare different reactions in such ways, and you will have a deep conceptual understanding of how the reaction works.
  3. Take up the Best Books: In inorganic chemistry, your rote memory is of the utmost importance as the only things there need to be memorized, and you must be able to reproduce it exactly in the exam. As such, the best books for inorganic chemistry are necessary. OP Tandon is one of the best books for Chemistry.
  4. Learn the Periodic Table: There are a lot of trends going on in the periodic table. Try to connect each element and each reaction to the trends. This way, you can have a deep understanding.
  5. Solve previous year question papers: This is one of the most important things any aspirant must do. It is a must to solve the previous year’s question papers and analyze the answers. This way, you will be familiarized with the question pattern, and you can be more prepared with each question paper you solve.

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