How To Crack JEE Main/Advanced With Self Study?

How to crack JEE Min and Advanced with self-study

It is completely possible to crack IIT JEE with only self-study. This can only be achieved if you are completely dedicated and committed to your goal. No half measures are accepted. You have to commit yourself completely towards your goal. Here are a few tips from the top IITians who have cracked IIT JEE with self-study.

  • Gather material: When going for a coaching center, the first thing they do is give the students coaching material. It will have all the books, from the basics to practice tests. So what you have to do to get started on your self-study is to gather lots of materials either first hand, second hand, or even the pdfs of the topmost books out there. This way, you will be prepared to start your journey.
  • Set a strict timetable: When one goes to a coaching center, there will be a timetable that every student follows inherently. But when you are self-studying, it is not the case. You will not have a timetable set, and hence, you will take longer or lesser time to study a particular subject. You will depend on your whims to study the subjects. This should be avoided at all costs because more than 50% of self-studying students will fail because they will not keep to a timetable. Time management is the most important thing that is needed for any aspirant who wished to self-study.
  • Keep yourself away from distractions: Distractions are the main thing that will pull you away from studying and giving it your best. Switch off your phone and sit and study for the time you have allotted that given day. This way, not only will you have an advantage over others, but also you will strive to be better every day.
  • Take mock tests: In a coaching center, certain days are fixed only for taking mock tests. Similarly, it would be best if you also kept a time specifically for taking mock tests. Mock tests increase not only your capability but also condition you to the exam scenario.

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