Tips & Tricks to crack NEET With Self study – No coaching

Tips and Tricks to crack NEET

NEET UG is one of the Toughest and Competitive Exams in India, so you need perfect Guidance on How to Crack NEET without any coaching. Self-study with proper execution is the best practice by which you can crack every exam without any coaching, You Just need to follow some Tips and Tricks which help you to crack NEET. Because of this pandemic, we are not in a condition to attend online coaching, so Self-study is the major practice that comes into the role of your Success.

Here are some Strategies to ace NEET UG exam only by Self-study !!!

Tips and Tricks- How to crack NEET without coaching

  1. Always Follow NCERT – Read and Understand the concepts of Biology, Physics, and Chemistry. As many of the questions are directly from the NCERT mainly from biology so, you have to read the book thoroughly.
  2. Exam Pattern– Have a proper understanding of the exam pattern beforehand which is mandatory, it makes you focused and you get an idea on which topic you need to put effort and time into. Which helps you in a long way. Preparation without knowing the exam pattern is a waste.
  3. Have a Monthly and Daily plan – Now, it’s time to create a Time Table. Make sure that the Study plan (Timetable) should not be very hardcore. keep it simple and effective, study in blocks of hours with a proper break. You can study in Power hours (when you are more focussed) it may be Night Time or Morning Time as your Preference and strictly follow the schedule for better results. Time Management Plays a great role during preparation, manage your time accordingly which suits you the best.
  4. Solve Mock papers – Next step is to solve as many Mock papers and Previous year papers as you can, it will boost your confidence to the next level and you get an idea like What types of questions come in the Exam and Most frequently asked questions in the previous year.
  5. Don’t Take Stress – Taking Stress is not the solution to overcome any situation. Negative Performance in Mock tests never decide your future, you have to Be positive, calm, and come out of the stress. Keep an eye on your performance and work hard on your weak points. Always do Exercise and Meditation for your Physical and Mental Health. The smart study is the mantra of success.
  6. Clear Your Doubts -The most important tip is to Clear your Doubts regarding any of the topics from Physics, Biology, and Chemistry Beforehand. When Students Study at home no one is there to solve their Doubts and it becomes a major concern during Exam time. We have a solution to this Problem – Doubt Buddy is one of the Best Doubt solving platforms out there for JEE/NEET preparation. You can Directly ask your Queries Regarding Exam on Doubt Buddy, Tutors instantly connect with you and provide solution and Mentorship which you need in these tough time or during Self Study.

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Hope you find these Tips and Tricks helpful which helps in your NEET Exam preparation.!!!

All the Best Aspirants!!!!