When should I start studying for the IIT-JEE? Is ninth grade the best time to begin? Is it too late to start in 12th grade?

When should I start studying for the IIT-JEE? Is ninth grade the best time to begin? Is it too late to start in 12th grade? Every IIT-JEE aspirant is plagued by these queries! For engineering students in India, the IIT JEE is the most coveted entrance exam. Students that pass JEE are eligible for admission to the most prominent institutes, such as IITs, NITs, and IIITs. Students can begin their JEE preparation in any class. The earlier you get started, the better. Starting JEE preparation at class 9 or 10 covers the fundamentals (important skills) and is referred to as the JEE foundation. With the increased competitiveness each year, students have begun to recognize the need of beginning early preparations. The following advantages are available to students who begin their preparation early:

  • Students’ analytical skills are sharpened from an early age.
  • Develops critical thinking in order to gain an advantage over their competitors.
  • One of the directions supplied by the courses is career planning, which helps them grasp the need of early preparations.
  • Early preparations aid in the development of analytical skills that cannot be acquired in any educational topic.
  • Students should not be pressured starting in sixth grade, but neither should they wait until eleventh grade. Starting IIT preparation in class 9 is the best time to do so.

However, the most preferred period to begin JEE preparations is still during the 11th grade. During your class 11 years, October or November is the best time to start your preparations. Most coaching schools begin their most popular programs with class 11 pupils, focusing on completing the coursework and subsequently preparing for the JEE Advanced exam. During these 18 months, students can devote more time to studying for the JEE while still in class 11, while class 12 comes with it the dangers of board exams. Practical examinations, pre-boards, and the boards themselves can drain a student’s energy. As a result, it is best to begin aggressively preparing for the JEE in class 11 and devote more time to it than to schoolwork.

It is well documented that getting an early start provides you an advantage over your competitors. You should not strain because it will deplete your energy and, as a result, hamper your performance. Plan wisely while keeping your schoolwork in mind. The majority of students succeed because of their persistent efforts, which are carried out with utmost dedication. Without sufficient guidance, some students are able to pass the IIT JEE exam. However, it is strongly advised that you enroll in a proper IIT JEE main and advanced coaching program in India. The finest IIT JEE coaching center gives you the greatest tips, methods, and strategies for acing the exam. For definite results, combine your coaching preparation with complete self-care. Everything is possible if you work hard and stay consistent.

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