Every one of us eats fruits and vegetables in our daily lives. These fruits and vegetables come from plants. Checkout the article for more information.

Every one of us eats fruits and vegetables in our daily lives. These fruits and vegetables come from plants. Did you know that India has one of the highest numbers of vegetarians? Plants are the main source of food for most of us. Be it humans or herbivorous animals, we all get food from plants. Edible parts of plants are those parts of the plants that we can consume.

We know that plants make their own food using the process of photosynthesis and by taking water and nutrients from the soil. This food is used by them to grow and survive. But where does the excess food goes?

Different plants store extra food in different parts. Some plants store excess food in fruits, for example, Apple and Mango Trees store the food in mangoes and apples. Some store the extra food in their roots. You must have seen carrot, beetroot, turnip, etc. are swollen as compared to the roots of other plants. This is because these plants store the excess food they produce in their roots. Do we also eat stems? Yes, we do! All of you must have eaten potatoes right? These are actually underground stems. The potato plant stores the extra food in its underground stems that we call potatoes. Similarly, there are stems of plants like sugarcane and ginger that we consume.

We also eat leaves of different plants like spinach, cabbage, coriander, mint, etc. Fascinating isn’t it! Do you know that we also eat flowers of some plants? The beautiful flowers that we grow in our gardens, that fill the air with a soothing scent are not the only types of flowers. There are edible flowers as well. Broccoli and cauliflower that we eat are flowers.

seeds are not just used to grow other plants, but they are used as food too. Wheat, pulses, and rice that we eat are actually the seeds of the plant. Coffee and nuts are also seeds.

All the different vegetables that we eat are parts of some plant. The vegetables we use and the rice we cook, from the spices we use to the coffee and tea that we drink, are all parts of a plant.

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