How To Study Class 10th Trigonometry?

Trigonometry is a branch of mathematics that provides the relation between the sides and angles of a triangle. Checkout the article for info.

Trigonometry is a branch of mathematics that provides the relation between the sides and angles of a triangle.

Tri- Three, Gon- sides, metric- measure

trigonometry can be a difficult subject for many students. Students are scared of the terms sin, cos, theta! This chapter might become a headache for you especially with the changes in the pattern of the exams. No worries! here I am going to mention some tips to help you study trigonometry effectively.

1-Have a basic idea of the topic-

Try to understand what trigonometry is and why it is used, how it deals with triangles, and what are sines, cosines, and tangents. have some basic knowledge of the subject so that you can understand them better.

2- Learn the trigonometric ratios table-

Make sure to learn the trigonometric ratios table by heart. This is so important and will be the basis of this whole chapter. Learning the table will help you immensely while doing questions.

3- Read The NCERT-

NCERT is a must! you have to read the NCERT and solve all the given exercises. NCERT will strengthen your foundation and then you can move on to RD. Sharma for further practice as it contains higher-level questions

4- Solve all the exercises-

As I mentioned above, solve all the exercises that are given in the book. Do examples as well. This will help you practice and will help you improve.

5- Learn trigonometric formulas and values-

Make sure to learn all the trigonometric formulas and values as they will help you a lot when you are giving the exam. Learning them will make solving questions easier and you won’t have to look up the formulas from time. This is the most important step in your preparation.

6- Solve practice papers-

Since you are a tenth grader, you must be preparing for board exams. Solve as many practice papers as you can as it will give you an about how the questions are going to be asked in the exam.

7- clear all your doubts-

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