Top Tips To Crack JEE Advanced – An Expert’s Advice

There are no set rules of how you must go about tackling the exam. But from what the best IITians tell, these are some of the helpful tips:

  • Before entering the exam hall, there are a few things which you must make your mind about. Which is the first subject you will attempt? Which is the second and the third? Pick the first subject as the one which you find the easiest to attempt. Finish the subject with utmost speed and accuracy. If you do not know the answer to a particular question, skip it. You can come back to it later if you still have the time.
  • Do not stick to a single question for more time than needed. You only have a limited amount of time. Do not spend more than what is required. If you do not know the answer skip the question and go to the next one.
  • Do not guess if there is negative marking. Do not, for whatever reason, guess if you are not sure about the answer. This will ultimately be a very heavy gamble. Only try to guess if you can rule out 2 of the answers.
  • Do not panic. Panicking when you are faced with extremely tough questions in an utterly silent room will be unsettling for many. It is important not to panic. Keep your mind calm. Have faith in yourself. Whenever you feel like you will have a panic attack, try to close your eyes, take a deep breath, and calm yourself. Keep a stronghold on your will. Do not let it crumble at the most crucial moment.
  • After the first exam, you will have a break. Do not analyze the questions. Do not talk to other students regarding the questions. There is a high chance that it will demotivate you when you learn how to solve it, and you will think, why did I miss that? Such feelings should not be allowed to permeate you. If it does, you will not be mentally prepared to give the second exam. Eat something and relax during the break. Do not take a book and revise. That will only add to your existing anxiety.
  • During the second exam, follow the same strategy as you did during the first exam.

Remember to give it your all. Do not attempt questions which you do not understand. Do not waste any more time than that is required. Follow these tips and you are set for the Advanced Exam.