JEE 2023 Preparation: 4 Brilliant Methods For The Best Results

JEE 2023 is a long way away. It is more than 2 years away. There are, however, certain tricks to make sure that you have a good preparation schedule prepared. The top 4 tips are:

  • Start with the basics first. Get your basics and foundation right. Start slow and get slowly into studying daily. Develop the habit and dedication required to commit yourself to study for prolonged periods of time. Study the concepts, since you have plenty of time, get used to understand each concept in depth.
  • Finish the entire syllabus within 1 year. If you can do this, then you are set for conquering JEE Main. Finish the entire syllabus. Understand each concept completely. Make sure to pay extra attention to mechanics in Physics as it is one of those topics which will require you to understand and apply lots of concepts. If you can manage this all within one year, then you are guaranteed to crack JEE Main.
  • In the second year, dedicate yourself to practicing and analyzing mock tests. These are extremely important. Not only will this show where you stand in terms of your preparation, but you will also develop a habit of taking exams. Continued exposure to full-length mock tests will condition you to the actual exam situation. Hence, this helps you to conquer your fear or anxiety of exams.
  • Prepare for Advanced first. One of my teachers told me, “Prepare for Advanced, and JEE Main will be a cakewalk for you.” This is very true. But this doesn’t mean that you ignore the ways of JEE Main; as in JEE Main, you will also have to keep track of your time, and your speed matters a lot. In Advanced, there are some differences. You can read about that in another blog.